Paintless Dent Removal

Whether you need to repair a dent due to an accident or weather damage, the auto body experts at Smooth Finishes will fix dents on any vehicle. We offer clients advanced auto body repair technology that saves time and money. 

Dents inevitably occur at one time or another to every vehicle. Smooth Finishes makes repairs quickly and efficiently using specialized hand tools and the latest industry techniques. Damage due to small accidents, car door dings, shopping cart or bike bumps and other minor mishaps are smoothed away at a fraction of the cost of traditional dent repair method.

Car dealers and rental agencies have used paintless dent removal to restore their vehicles for years. Drivers can also benefit from this improved technology that can now remove even large dents from any car.

Since heavy equipment and extended body work are reduced considerably, paintless dent repair is quicker and ultimately more efficient than traditional auto body work. Although car parts may still require disassembly and reassembly, the usual delays involved in parts procurement are eliminated as is the extra time spent painting your vehicle.

If you are concerned about dents in your vehicle, consult the auto body repair experts at Smooth Finishes for more information and a free estimate.

Smooth Finishes paintless dent removal is:

  • Cost effective
  • Bondo and filler free
  • Maintains the original factory paint of your vehicle
  • Performed by qualified staff while you wait
  • State-of-the-art dent repair technology


Equipped to handle a single car, to a large fleet of vehicles, dents and dings are completely removed without a trace! Paintless dent repair requires specialized equipment to gently massage and manipulate the dent from the underside of the metal frame and back to its original form. No sanding, paint work or standard body work required. Paintless dent repair preserves both the appearance and value of your vehicle. Our skilled auto body experts are experienced with accessing the inside of a vehicle’s panels and are among the very best auto body specialists.


Q.  Will the Paint on my Car be Damaged?

A. No. Paintless dent removal keeps the original factory paint intact.

Q. Will my Dents be Completely Removed

A. Minor dents are easily removed with PDR technology and experienced workmanship. Our clients are consistently amazed at the results. A deep dent may require more work. Smooth Finishes provides written estimates before starting any repairs to avoid unexpected costs.

Q.  Is PDR An Effective Method For All Types Of Dent Repairs?

A. While PDR is an excellent automotive repair technique used to remove dents on vehicles, in particular it can rarely be applied to vehicles with extensive paint damage. Depth and location determine whether a dent can be fixed using traditional repair methods, or PDR.

Car Detailing

At Smooth Finishes Professional Detailing, we offer high-quality services for our customers who want the best when it comes to detailing packages. Our interior car cleaning packages will return your car to its original and beautiful clean state. When combined with an exterior car polishing, your car will look and feel showroom new again.

All car detail services at Smooth Finishes Professional Detailing for our York customers are by appointment. Please contact Smooth Finishes Professional Detailing today at (717) 630-9291 for more information, price estimates and to schedule a service.

Features of our car detailing services for the motorists of York include: